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 Mindfulness Collection 

Add intentionality to your days with the Mindfulness Collection.  The exclusive membership includes an intention blog designed to inspire self-reflection and growth. Practical exercises are offered to encourage the implementation of mindfulness into daily routines.  Audio recordings of guided meditations, breathwork or gentle yoga sessions rotate monthly.  

Intention Blog

Embrace mindful introspection with the Intention Blog.  Each month, we will take a deep dive into the essence of a single, carefully chosen, word to guide you on your journey towards mindfulness.  These thoughtful reflections, inspiring anecdotes, and practical exercises are your path to experiencing, embodying and living more conscious and purposeful days. 

Audio Practice

Nurture your soul with the Mindfulness Collection audio recordings.  As a member, each month, you'll receive an audio recording of Tiffany guiding you through meditations, breathwork or gentle yoga practices which will encourage inner calm.  Whether you're seeking to relieve stress, gain mental clarity or forge a deeper connection with yourself, the recordings will offer a moment of respite from the demands of daily life. 


Ready to add intentionality to your day?

Click here for details on our membership.

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